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Cute set of prehistoric dinosaurs_edited.png
Cute set of prehistoric dinosaurs_edited.png



We are so excited!
Hatti's pups were born 
October 7th, 2022!
All 11 of them!  
3 Girls and 8 Boys

Hatti - looking to the left.png
Hatti and Lou pups at 8 days old._edited.jpg

    Puppies waiting for their forever homes.

For more information  give us a call!!  See Footer                We still have a few available.

Hattie and Lou2.png
Mickey at 15 wks.jpg

These 2 pictures were taken at 15 weeks old.

Sparkle at 15 weeks.jpg

Sparkle's adult weight should be to 40-45 lbs.

Parti Male #5.jpg

These 4 pictures  were taken when pups were 5 weeks old.

Females 2-6.jpg
Small Male #7.jpg

The following pictures were taken at 3 1/2 weeks old.

Red Parti Female #2.jpg
Red Parti Female #3.jpg
Parti Red Female #6.jpg



Male #1.jpg
Male #7.jpg
Male #4.jpg
Male #5.jpg
Male #8.jpg
Male #10.jpg
Male #11.jpg

Hope to Hear From You Soon!
Stay Safe & Well!
Whimsical Australian Labradoodles




with Rosie & Reef

Maddie and Gunner (2).jpg

Maddie and Gunner
In Texas



with Dude

Do you want a family dog just for you? Or... Do you want a family dog for you and your kids to grow up with? An Australian Labradoodle is a great choice. When we met our first labradoodle, we were hooked and our journey began. We loved their devotion, intelligence, and 'soft-touch'.  We loved their ability to make us laugh and know when we needed a hug. If you want your kids to grow up with a dog, an Australian Labradoodle is a great choice. They're loyal, loving, kind, and considerate. If you're going through a hard time, your Labradoodle is sure to want to cheer you up. We treat our parents and our new puppies like royalty. They only get the best food, water, and lodgings.


We include a clean bill of health with each new puppy, as well as a certificate of authenticity. We provide our services nationwide. We're based in Southern California and have 3 guardian families in Texas.​​  If you want an Australian Labradoodle, now you know whom to call. We're always willing to talk to you, so don't be shy about getting in touch! We are accepting reservations for puppies. Our litters sell quickly, so don't wait to contact us. 

Your placement on the waiting list is decided on the date the deposit is cleared through our bank. 

Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to a future breeding.  


The starting price for our puppies begins at $3000.  The $3000.00 does not include California sales tax, late pick-up (after 9 weeks of age), additional training, boarding, transportation costs, etc. 

Our base price includes:

a.     Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association, aka WALA, Puppy Registration

b.     Current Veternarian "Well Puppy" exam. 

c.     All puppies are Microchipped when they are 5-6 weeks old. 

d.     All puppies are up to date puppy vaccines.

e.     All puppies come with an adjustable length puppy to adult car seat belt restraint.  

f.      Goody bag containing food, collar, leash, blanket, and toy with their mom and sibling scent. 

g.     Should you want it - Lifetime Membership to Baxter and Bella (please check it out to see if you’d like to have it!)                  (  This is a $238 lifetime (your lifetime!) online training and support,

h.     An information packet that will answer most of your questions regarding your new puppy. 

i.      Ongoing support from Judy and I


Call if you have questions or just want to say hi! 

We can arrange shipping and pick up to accommodate your schedule.

Our Support and Service dogs can ride in the airplane cabin, go to restaurants, etc.

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