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Our Guardian Family Program

We created our Guardian Family Program to grow our breeding program while still providing each of our breeding dogs a loving environment with a Guardian Family.   We are engaged in breeding healthy multigenerational Australian Labradoodles.  Our dogs are considered beloved members of our family and, like us, they all live inside our (your) home. We are more than aware that the initial investment of a registered Australian Labradoodle is out of reach for some really good dog-loving people.  It’s our hope that our Guardian Family program with help anyone who has a desire to live with an Australian Labradoodle as they are such amazingly smart, funny, and loyal dogs. A “pick of the litter” puppy is personally chosen for you by us.The puppy is given (at no cost) to the Guardian family. The Guardian family agrees to raise, train, and care for their Whimsical Australian Labradoodle pup throughout the dog’s life. Legally, the dog will belong to us.  However, our Guardian Family will have possession until the dog is retired from our program. Most of the time our Guardian Family dogs will be females, but once in a while we need a home for one of our guys.


It’s your choice on the gender of your pup, but sometimes the wait for a male could be a while, but then, sometimes not! 😊  You will pay all normal costs associated with owning an Australian Labradoodle  (i.e., health ins, leashes, collars, food, dishes, grooming, normal vet visits, etc.) and Whimsical will pay all costs associated for health testing and for the purpose of breeding. If you are willing to make an honest commitment to us and our breeding program, we will be very flexible and will do all we can to make this program work for you and your dog. 

We are currently looking for Guardian Homes!   We will need a minimum of 2 homes for Libby's new, soon-to-be, baby girl and boy. God and Libby willing! We breed Libby to Hugo on February 23, 2024.Please call or Text if you are interested!  

Whimsical Labradoodle's
Welcomes You

After you have read the below and feel this may be the right road for you, we hope you will consider partnering with us. If you are interested in applying for our Guardian Family Program, contact us. Be sure to include a phone number and a good time for us to call! If we don't get back to you within a day or two please contact us again, as something went wrong. THANK YOU

One of our GUARDIANS, Landon, resting lovingly with Maverick

Assumes the role of “parent” while we retain legal ownership and all breeding rights to the dog. In exchange for providing a loving home, ownership will be transferred to you, the Guardian family, at the time the dog is retired from his/her breeding career and is spayed/neutered at our expense. This provides the dog with the stability of the same family and its forever home throughout its’ entire life. 

Landon Gansen and puppy.webp
We are trusting you, as we did, with Carmen and family with one of our GUARDIANS

With our next generation of Whimsical Australian Labradoodles. We make a large commitment emotionally and financially to our prospective breeding dogs and Guardian dogs. We ask that you only enter into our Guardian program if you are willing to make the same level of commitment to our/your dog and to us.  We work hard to select the best of the best of our dogs for our Guardian Families.


Levi, and twins Landen, and Luke
are loving their  life with Riggs.

Riggs in Glasses_edited_edited.webp
We Consider

We consider our dogs and Guardian families like extended family and enjoy the extra interaction we have with them in the Guardian program. We are aware that sometimes our needing a dog for breeding is not always good timing for our Guardian Family.  We offer a bonus for our Guardian families who can, and do, offer assistance and cooperation.  If you are the Guardian of a female in our program, we are offering a monetary gift of $500 per live litter of 3 or more puppies.  This gift will be given after the pups have gone to their forever homes.  If you are the Guardian of a male, we are offering a monetary gift of $200 per breeding that produces a live litter of 3 or more puppies and after the complete stud fee has been paid.


We have bred Libby and are looking for 2 guardian homes for our new little girl and boy!

Could that be you?

Give us a call! 

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